How to Take care of a Paralyzed Dog – Ultimate guide

Just because your dog becomes paralyzed, that doesn’t mean that he has no life from now onwards. He may feel sad, depressed, anxious, or fearful, but you can always get him back to his charm with your constant love, care, and support. When the dog is young, dynamic, and fast, he has served you with the full dedication and loyalty. Now as he is unable to some extent, it is your turn to revert his efforts with full of love and hope.

The paralyzed animal might be a victim of specific birth issues, severe spinal injury, or the old age. Caring of a paralyzed dog is a long-term duty which requires a lot of efforts and attention. Dogs can feel such selfless emotions and can get much closer with the owner than before. So, in this article, we are providing some fantastic tips to take care of a paralyzed dog.


Even in daily routine, we always put hygiene at the first place. Then how can we forget cleanliness of the paralyzed dog? It is the most critical factor to take care about, as many paralyzed pets out there are suffering from incontinence and unable to clean themselves.

  • Give your dog a good bath once/twice a week. If your dog’s skin becomes itchy, then use some moisturizing shampoo or creams recommended by the vet doctors.
  • Clean their urinal parts by using baby wipes. You can also use them to moisture the skin of your dog and to prevent fleas.
  • If your dog is ill and can’t realize his latrine schedules, then use diapers to avoid the mess.
  • The whelping box, dog house, or any bedding of your paralyzed dog should be clean to prevent other infections. Wash the covers as well as beds regularly and dry them nicely.

Skin care

As the dog is paralyzed and unable with their senses in some parts of the body, he might not realize any cuts or injuries while dragging or pushing him. These reductions may become severe if not taken care of! He may get the infection because of open wounds or lose his blood. In such situations, never ignore even the small rashes, marks, cuts, or sore parts. Contact the pet doctor as soon as possible and ask for the solution.

Wheelchair Treats

Dog wheelchairs or harnesses are not less than a blessing for the paralyzed dogs or dog owners. If your dog has healthy front legs, he can quickly move with the help of carts or wheelchairs. Using it can also avoid the risk of skin damage because of dragging the body.

Dog wheelchair can make your dog free and independent at the time of walking, running, or playing, which is extremely important for his mental as well as physical health at this point. There are many types of wheelchairs available in the market (or online) like SitGo dog wheelchair, which helps your best pal to stand up and walk out on his feet.

Such wheelchairs are lightweight, durable, and supremely comfortable to your dog. One should definitely go for the options of carts, wheelchairs, or harnesses to provide the paralyzed dog a good and moving life.


We should always keep in mind that because of paralysis, the dog is unable to move some of the essential parts of his body. As we all know; if a body part doesn’t move its position for a particular time, it might become stiff. So, dogs need massages and specific physical therapies for feeling flexible and comfortable.

Initially, your dog may find such exercises difficult. But eventually, he will also feel comfortable and enjoys the whole process as it helps him to be competent. Moreover, the dog massage also helps in the circulation of blood, even in the paralyzed body part.

So, these are some of the primary care you should do for the betterment of your paralyzed canine. We hope this article will help you in making your efforts more accessible as well as provides your dog a healthy, happy, and cheerful life ahead. You can learn many life lessons while working on and working with the paralyzed dog. Try to embrace this change of your life and make it more beautiful and memorable.

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