All About Husky Pomeranian Mix Full Grown: Pomsky Puppies

One of the most recent dogs that have come up is the Husky Pomeranian breed. As the name suggests, this dog is a mix between a Siberian Husky and a Pomeranian. Due to their temperament and looks, many have fallen in love with them. The best part of this mix is that he retains the softness of the pom. Although if you get him as a puppy, you do not know just how much he will grow. But over the years, we see that the breed resembles a pom way more than the Husky. But how do you know if this is the breed that would work for you? This article deals with all the aspects that would help you know the dog.

Many admire the qualities of a Husky, but just do not have the resources to handle his size. So, if you can’t have a Husky, you get a smaller dog that looks just like a Husky. Some breeders use this need of the people to sell a pomsky puppy. But be aware that there is no telling if he gets his height from a pom or a husky. If you really wish to know just how long your puppy will grow, meet his parents. Your pup might be somewhere in between their heights. Or at the very least you would know his maximum and minimum height. Again, just like his weight, the color of his coat also depends on his parents. But, it is known that he would have silky, long hair. So he would require daily brushing. On the whole, he looks just perfect, and if you are a softie (and we know each one of us is), you will find yourself putty in his little arms.

Pomsky Cost

If you adopt him from a shelter, you would just get yourself unlimited love for no cost.

But if you go to a good breeder, you can expect to sell around two to four thousand dollars. Nowadays, one also finds people sell the dogs online, and if you are willing to pay for their shipping, you will get your dog at your doorstep. Although this is not recommended as when you get a dog, you are getting a member of your family who will inherit his parent’s genes. So you should go personally, see them, and then bring them home if you find it good.

Anyway you get him, if he is going to be shipped to you, you need to ensure:

  • That his journey is safe and comfortable.
  • Ask as many questions, choose your mode of transport, preferably something that would allow him to get off at places and stretch his legs at regular intervals.
  • Check the number of hours the journey will be made and who is going to be responsible for your dog during this time.
  • If the shipping is going to be interstate, ensure that all the laws will be followed.
  • Figure out everything, there are many swindlers out there, be very very cautious when you get your dog.
  • You can also consider insuring your Pomeranian Husky Mix.

Husky Pomeranian Mix Puppies Pictures

Setting your house as per the Pomsky temperament

Bringing a dog into your life would mean you would have to make a lot of changes. Just as you child proof a house when you have a baby, you dog proof your house. Puppies tend to follow you everywhere, and they want to know everything. So, when you bring him, ensure that no sharp edges or anything that might hurt him is out of his range.

If you have bare floors, you would need to make sure that they are sealed, non-slippery, and easily vacuumable. Go through each and every corner to ensure that your husky pomeranian mix would be safe. You can teach him that he is not allowed in some parts of the house whereas some areas of the house are exclusively his.

Pomsky Lifespan

On an average, this breed would live up to twelve years.

On the whole, the Husky Pomeranian mix full grown can be a medium or a large sized dog. His temperament is pleasant, and he loves spending time with his people. He would need a lot of exercises, so you should be ready to take him out for long walks at least twice a day. He sheds twice a year heavily, and there is nothing much you can do except vacuum like a crazy person. On the order days, daily brushing would be enough. He is ideal for people with grown up children with a sizable house. If you happen to own a yard, it would be an added advantage.

When you bring him home, it could be via adoption or breeders; there is one thing that is of utmost necessity. He is going to live for a decade, and you need to be with him for as long as he lives. If you feel that there might come a time where you might have to leave him, it is better to let someone else have him.

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