Husky Corgi Mix / Horgi Puppies – One of the Cute Breeds

A Siborgi or a Horgi is a cross breed between a Pembroke Welsh Corgi and a Siberian Husky. Sometimes, this breeding is also carried out between Cardigan Welsh Corgi and the Siberian Husky. If you ever come across this dog, you are sure to say, “My my…this is the cutest dog I have ever seen.” The best aspect of this breeding is that it has brought out the best traits of both the breeds, both physically as well as during temperaments.

The Husky Corgi Mix breed is a small to medium sized dog and usually lives upto fifteen years. When you bring this dog home, you welcome his happy go lucky, always wanting to please yet ending up spoiling things due to mischievous nature as well. They are adaptable, friendly and social. They can adjust to any environment and atmosphere, so as long as you can provide a happy place and a lot of exercises, even a small house would work.

How to identify a Horgi?

The Corgi Husky Mix is a working dog. This dog is a part of the new age hybrid or designer dogs who are created in order to enhance certain character traits of two different dogs. The reason that these two breeds were paired was to get Husky-like qualities in a smaller dog. If you read up on both Corgies and Huskies, you would see that the Corgies are used more for herding, while Huskies are used for sledding. By looking at the working tendencies of Horgies, it is seen that they are more of herding dogs. They are attentive, alert, obedient as well as have higher levels of energy.

Information about the Pedigree

Since the Huski Corgi Mix is not a breed dog, he does not get recognition from the American Kennel Club. But, a point to be noted here is that both the parents are recognised by the institution. The category that the Corgis are listed under is “Herding”. The dogs that come under this category are known to be faithful, vigilant, highly trainable, intelligent and can work as guardians. It is also seen that they have a loud bark. The Siberian Husky was listed under the “Working” category in the year 1930. The categories under which the dog is known for being friendly, gentle, dignified, alert, as well as quite passive. They are excellent family dogs.

Horgi Puppies Pictures


As the Corgi Husky puppies are best known for their herding, naturally they are quite alert and will be able to detect even the mildest of changes in their environment. But, this does not stop them from being friendly and loving when with their humans. When you bring siborgi home, you get your most loyal companion as well as he acts like an awesome family dog. He wishes to please others and is always up for play time. His intelligence also ensures that you will not be spending more time in training him. You will love to take your dog to all your extended family gathering as he loves showing off and being pampered by many. While he is always alert, he would not make a good watchdog ward off against people.  

What would your dog look like?

  • Size: The dog grows up to be considered a small or medium size. Even when it grows to medium sizes, like Corgi, his legs are small, and the dog is low and reaches near the ground.
  • Weight: The weight is around twenty to fifty pounds.
  • Height: The dog grows up to fifteen inches. Medium sized dogs have short, pudgy legs, yet are still sturdy.
  • Looks: Most Shiborgis have round heads. Their eyes are almond like in shape. They also have erect ears.
  • Coat: Can be like ether parents. Can come in black, white, cream, brown, orange, blue to red.

Dietary Requirements

You would have to ensure that your Horgi does not overeat. Thanks to the shape of his body, he is prone to become overweight, and this could lead to a lot of health issues, especially to do with his back. You would have to take ample care as this breed is known to be eternally hungry. Do not let him eat when he wants, instead set his feeding time and quantities. You should also take due notice of the treats given to him.


Horgies tend to be extremely intelligent, so they can easily be trained. You might have to pay extra attention to house breaking. As this is a herding dog, you would find him trying to herd you and other animals of your home. Keep this in mind when you train him and try to ensure that such behaviour is curtailed. Just with any other dog, the training should never be negative. Be firm, be consistent, but do not raise your hand or voice, use threats and encouragements instead.

Hope you enjoyed reading about the facts of husky corgi mix dog breed. Let me know if I missed anything here. One thing for sure is that this designer dog breed will be your best family companion and will never let you down on your decision of adopting the horgi.

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